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We are a team of creative storytellers and problem solvers. We are skilled producers, designers, editors and creatives dedicated to telling your brand’s story. But most importantly, we are a strategic partner. And to us, partnership means trust, anticipating your needs and being there when you need us. No one does that better than we do.

Ultimately, great brands depend on great stories. That’s why we’re here.

Our Process and <br/> Our Promise:

Our Process and
Our Promise:

Connecting brands and organizations with audiences and followers is our passion, and we are dedicated to meeting our clients’ growing needs for branded content creation. Our promise is earning your trust to follow our passion.

It begins with a conversation and builds into a trusted partnership. We listen to your goals. We learn your brand and culture. We study your audience. And then we create, develop and execute a strategy that ultimately enhances and elevates your brand experience. A strategy that incorporates your objectives, audience, deliverables, timeline and finances.

The Mind-<i>phi</i>-le Backstory:

The Mind-phi-le Backstory:

When we set out to design our brand logo, we decided that the Greek numeral, Phi, best represented both our design philosophy and our brand ethos. And that’s why we’ve incorporated the Phi into our company logo.

“What makes a single number so interesting that ancient Greeks, Renaissance artists, a 17th century astronomer and a 21st century novelist all would write about it? It’s a number that goes by many names. This “golden” number, 1.61803399, represented by the Greek letter Phi, is known as the Golden Ratio, Golden Number, Golden Proportion, Golden Mean, Golden Section, Divine Proportion and Divine Section.” – www.goldennumber.net.

You’ll find this golden ratio throughout art, architecture, design, music, the list goes on. Simply put, it’s what makes much of our world so ‘pleasing.’

We at Mindfile love words, visual communications, design and all things tech. So it was fortuitous that the phonetic sound of ‘Phi’ seemed to resonate so closely with the phonetic pronunciation of our brand name, Mind’fi’le and the suffix, -phile. Fortuitous enough that well, …we just couldn’t resist it.

And THAT is the story behind our squiggle.

Our team

We are designers, editors, writers, producers, filmmakers, tech-enthusiasts…
and just plain old fun-loving people!

James Curry

/ James Curry /

CEO and Production Guru

James is an award winning creative director, DP, and Mindfile’s founder and CEO. Name a continent? He’s shot there. Name a celebrity or CEO? He’s likely filmed them. 3 things he can’t live without? His wife, his boys and his firepit under the stars.

Kate Epstein

/ Kate Epstein /

Executive Producer

Kate tells stories. First, as an award winning TV reporter, then at a video/PR firm, now as EP of Mindfile. Kate loves a great interview and a solid script… and lives for her husband and twin son and daughter, who occasionally listen to her stories.

Valeria Angel

/ Valeria Angel /

Production Manager

Val is a film & media maker. She can capture stories in a video, a photo or 140 characters. As prod. manager extraordinaire, she juggles multiple projects simultaneously and ensures every process runs smoothly. She dispels the myth that a creative person can’t be organized.

Greg Vermette

/ Greg Vermette /

Director of Post Production

Greg is a Renaissance man. With an education in music performance and audio engineering, he switched gears 25 years ago, turning his '80s love of computers and video games into a career in editing, animation and design. Greg came to Mindfile by way of Philly, where he was cutting Emmy Award winning commercials and corporate branding spots for A-list clients. Greg is thrilled to have a new cast of coworkers whom he can astonish with his vast knowledge of new wave music.

Helen Polise

/ Helen Polise /


Helen has joined our Mindfile team as a freelance director and strategic partner. She has redefined the role, starting with good karma and collaboration and combining it with creativity and joy! Making talent feel at home, then improvising with them to get the most natural kinds of performances possible is her special gift. Her extensive experience ranges from directing real people and actors, to kids and dogs, in lifestyle, interviews and emotional content. She does her homework on every project and is always ready for the next challenge. Bring. It. On.


Our services

Content and Creative Development

Content and Creative Development

Whether you need a script for a corporate video, a storytelling narrative, or a creative concept for a blue sky pitch, we have the resources and the creatives to deliver.

Online Brand Strategy

Online Brand Strategy

A strong online presence is a must for every business. Whether it’s social media, email marketing or website development, our team has the skills, insights and tools to keep you relevant and connected to your audience.

Field Production

Field Production

From sitdown interviews to large scale multi-camera events, our teams can be scaled to capture just about any element that your story demands.

Motion Graphics & Animation

Motion Graphics & Animation

When live action won’t tell the whole story, our team can design, create and animate your message.



In today’s world, one of the best times to connect with your audience is well...right now! Using our latest live streaming tools, the ability to engage your audience is just a click away.

Editing, Post Production and Asset Management

Editing, Post Production and Asset Management

Whether we’ve shot the footage or the content is already on your drive, our post-production team will craft a story your audience will remember. We’ll also catalogue and manage your content for future seamless access.

Our clients

Long Story Short Media
Carnegie Counil
Project Kesher
The Passionists
Sealed Air
Overcoming Obstacles
NYC Department Of Education
The School Of Practical Philosophy
Civil War Trust
Saint Edward's School