BMW Triple Threat Campaign

Surfing, riding and climbing to the top: three men and the cars that drive them.

Mindfile provided field and post-production support for a campaign advertising BMW as the car “made for adventure.” We hit the beach with surfer Jon Rose, tore up the hills with biker Todd Davis, and clung for dear life with rock climber Neil Simon. Filming all three men “doing their thing” made a couple things clear- these guys LIVE for the perfect adventure, and they’ve found the perfect car to take them and their gear on the journey to find it. After spending a few days with Jon, Todd and Neil, our team not only helped Men’s Health create videos worthy of the spirit these adventurers embody, it also made us realize we might need to get outside a little more.

Applied services

Pre Production, Field Production, Scripting Editing, Motion Graphics, Post Production

Collection /

In a “safer” environment, our editor and motion graphics guru put together three exciting pieces. See all three adventurers and their cars here.

Creative Director

Jeff Griffith

"Simply put, Mindfile Multimedia is my go-to company for video production. And when there’s crazy deadlines and impossible mandatories (isn’t that EVERY job?), it’s nice to have a group of people whom you can trust to get the job done efficiently and creatively."

Behind the scenes /

Cheers to the fun behind the adventure!