Men’s Health Thrive TruMoo Protein Plus

Fun, quick, easy-to-follow moves designed for a fit guy on the go

Men’s Health magazine is constantly sharing experts’ tips to improve your fitness routine. This time, Men’s Health commissioned Mindfile to field and post produce a series of short exercise videos featuring TruMoo Protein Plus and Men’s Health THRIVE Elite Trainer, Sean M. De Wispelaere, CPT, FMS. The goal was to highlight Sean’s belief that a good routine depends both on what you do in your workout and how you refuel afterwards.

Our own fitness routine started at five in the morning when our production team arrived at The Foundry in New York. We filmed Sean’s routines over the course of a fun and productive ten hours. But the regimen wasn’t over yet, we continued with a marathon of post-production, editing and motion graphics creation back at our studio. The end result? A quick, clear and easy-to-follow set of videos to include in your fitness routine.

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Directing, Field Production, Editing, Motion Graphics and Post Production

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We produced three different videos, watch them all here!