National TV Sunday Mass

Making weekly worship possible for viewers across the country for over forty years.

Over the past eight years, Mindfile has been producing, editing and delivering the televised Sunday Mass to viewers across the nation. Working together with the Passionist Community, we produce a five camera, live-edit shoot once a month. Then we head back to the edit bays where our editors finesse each mass and prep it for delivery. Every week, we deliver a thirty minute mass to multiple TV, Radio and Web stations, and once a year we produce a special hour long episode for Christmas.

As part of its Christian mission to the homebound, the Passionist Communications’ televised ministry, The Sunday Mass, has been airing weekly since 1970. The ministry was originally on local broadcast channels throughout New York State, but after some forty years of commitment by both the viewing parishioners and the Passionist community, the mass is now broadcast on local networks throughout the United States, and now airs nationally on the cable network, Freeform. It can also be viewed on the web at

Applied services

Lighting, Design, Pre Production, Field Production, Post Production, Broadcast File Mastering, Closed Captioning and Encoding, Distribution


Fr. Edward Beck, C.P.

"Mindfile Multimedia has been the most efficient and responsive media company with which I have ever worked. They know the landscape and give their clients a creative edge. I highly recommend them."

Behind the scenes /

Find out what a five camera shoot looks like “behind the curtain”