Penguin Computing’s Gemini Man Series

And the award for technical achievement in filmmaking goes to... Penguin Computing.

Ang Lee's latest blockbuster, Gemini man, was a game-changer in both the art of filmmaking and visual effects production.  It was filmed in a variety of resolutions ranging from 4k to 2k, all at 120 frames per second in stereoscopic-3D! The incredible amount of data that this high-performance process generated required cutting-edge on-site infrastructure and unrivaled technical support. This was something that few high-performance computing companies had the capability or know-how to even deliver. When the Academy Award winning director was looking for an industry leading, high performance computing partner, he looked no further than Penguin Computing.

And when Penguin’s marketing communications agency, Karbo Communications looked for a partner to help produce a series of customer case study videos for their client, they looked to Mindfile.

Karbo Communications is a leading global digital technology communications, PR and marketing agency that delivers creative solutions that help their clients to elevate awareness, drive sales, attract partnerships, define corporate branding and achieve their business objectives.

When preparing Penguin Computing’s marketing strategies in advance of the worldwide premier of Gemini Man, it was decided that they needed a series of highly dynamic and informative videos that would showcase the cutting-edge technologies and solutions that only Penguin Computing could deliver.

Deadlines were tight, and the project required filming in multiple West Coast locations.  Once pre-production development and logistics were finalized, Mindfile’s team boarded a plane bound for California and after several days working with the Karbo Communications team on the ground, returned with amazing content and interviews to stitch the story together in post.  Together, a series of videos were rolled out on social media, online and at Penguin Computing’s biggest trade show event of the year.

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Pre-Production Development, Field Production, Post Production, Sound Mix, GFX and Animation, Scriptwriting.

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