Sgt. Michael Trost

An American hero, turned hops farmer

He served our country heroically for more than three decades; and now Retired Army Sergeant Michael Trost wants to help local brewers serve up the best beer. Following a machine gun attack in Afghanistan, Sergeant Trost faced years of rehabilitation, physical therapy, and ultimately the amputation of this lower left leg. These days, he’s a self proclaimed “gentleman farmer” with high hopes of growing the best hops.

Hope for the Warriors, a non-profit organization devoted to helping wounded veterans and their families, recognized Sgt. Trost’s courage and determination and gifted him a special piece of farm equipment to help jumpstart his endeavors. MIndfile recently spent a warm, sunny day on the farm getting to know Sgt. Trost, his wife and the folks from Hope for the Warriors. We left feeling inspired, thankful for Trost’s service, thankful for those who support our veterans, and looking forward to sipping some awesome, hoppy, heroically crafted beer.

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