ShopRite Animations

Standing in line with twelve items or less just got more entertaining!

Whether you are on your phone browsing social media or just standing in the check out line of your nearest ShopRite, Mindfile’s own Greg Vermette just designed something fun to draw your attention from the latest tabloid headlines.  Chiron Films of New Jersey recently partnered with Mindfile Multimedia to produce this series of animations for point of sale and social media advertising online and in stores throughout the Northeast. This series of fun animations were designed to promote everything from game day recipes to ideas for healthy eating.  The entire series was designed to live on a variety of viewing platforms. From social media and mobile devices to the more traditional flat panel displays at check out, these animations were a hit. Something that all shoppers could really eat up!

Applied services

Graphics Design, Layout, Animation, Concepting & Storyboarding

Collection /

Executive Producer & Partner, Chiron Films, Inc.

Cee French Harth

"Working with Mindfile Multimedia was a great experience. I would highly recommend them for all of your animation and production needs. They are very quick, streamlined and creative. They understand their clients needs (spot on) and work efficiently. Deliverables were always on time or prior to deadlines. We will continue to work with them on all of our projects that require their services."