Success Via Apprenticeship Series

Creating a pathway and pipeline for the best, brightest and most experienced technical education teachers.

It’s been called the New York City Department of Education’s “best kept secret,” but the DOE wants to spread the word about its Success Via Apprenticeship Program. Last year, MIndfile highlighted the DOE’s Career and Technical Education (CTE) program- a hands on approach to teach kids the skills they need for college, careers and life. This year, the DOE asked us to feature the program which prepares students to become CTE teachers.

Once again, the Mindfile team went back to school- this time to meet the candidates, the graduates and the leaders behind the Success Via Apprenticeship Program. Almost immediately our crew understood the benefits of the program- college credits, real-world industry experience, classroom teaching experience and 90% of a teachers salary straight out of high school. And almost immediately, our Mindfile team felt “schooled”, in the very best way.

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We produced three different videos highlighting the Success Via Apprenticeship Program... Take a look below!