The Economist Study

Understanding and adapting to our world’s resource challenges

Resource scarcity affects all of us…including big business. But the bigger question is what, if anything, are corporations doing to adapt to these physical environmental and labor challenges? That’s, in part, what a study conducted by the Economist and commissioned by Sealed Air set out to explore. 800 executive interviews later, the findings were in and Sealed Air tasked us to break them down for viewers in an engaging, informative, easy to understand video.

We quickly determined animation and infographics were the best vehicles to convey the information. So, with some scripting, storyboarding, and lots of illustrating and editing, we helped highlight the key takeaways for stakeholders. Mindfile is happy to report that upon completion of the project, OUR resources are still fully intact.

Applied services

Pre Production, Scripting, Editing and Motion Graphics

Collection /

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