Through The Cross with Fr. Paul Live Stream

Bringing an existing broadcast audience to the web, through an interactive live streaming show.

After sitting down with Director and Executive Producer, Fr. Paul Fagan and an advisory work group from the congregation for a series of in-depth development and strategic communications meetings, the Mindfile team and Passionist Communications has launched a brand new live stream webcast series now online...Through The Cross with Fr. Paul.

It all started with a simple question, how do we build on the success of the Passionists’ weekly televised flagship, The Sunday Mass, and provide their loyal audience with additional programming and engagement between Sundays?

Now streaming around the globe, this live and interactive webcast gives viewers the opportunity to engage in real time with Fr. Paul Fagan, CP., and special guests to learn more about the Passionists, their ministries and the word of faith.

Applied services

Strategic Communications, Brand Development, Content Strategy, Production Design and Integration, Logo Development, Field production, Scripting, Editing, Motion Graphics, Post Production and Web Integration.

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