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Educating the public, creating awareness and funding research to find a cure.

Stomach and esophageal cancers are among the most deadly forms of cancer, yet they are also among the most underfunded in terms of research. The DeGregorio Family Foundation is trying to change that and commissioned Mindfile to produce this educational outreach video to live on the foundation’s website and to be used at hosted events. Its purpose is to both educate and inform the public on the mission of the foundation, to show the emotional impact that these deadly diseases have on the people affected, and to highlight the efforts that are being made by the foundation to bring an end to the suffering. Over the course of several weeks, our team collaborated with the communications team and founder of The DeGregorio Family Foundation to develop the content and communications goals for the video. We interviewed researchers, physicians and supporters of the foundation to learn more about ongoing research in the field, the impact that critical funding from sources like the DeGregorio Family Foundation can have on outcomes for patients, and the human impact that this disease can have on patients and families. The cornerstones of the project were the personal stories and testimonials from founder Lynn DeGregorio and supporter, Kristin Witkop.

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